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In the realm of adult male films, Michael Brandon deserves the moniker of "living legend." What, though, is the cost for such status?

Brandon attempts to answer that (along with other questions) in his upcoming feature film documentary Born This Way: The Journey of Michael Brandon, directed by C.J. Goodman for OPH Films, telling his life’s journey over the past 25 years.

The in-progress documentary, featuring a series of interviews and reenactments, tells how Michael Phillips (Brandon’s real name) became Michael Brandon and the ups and downs his stardom have taken him. Interviews include not only one-on-one with Brandon, but also with a number of interviews from business associates, friends, ex-partners, and family. These include porn film director Chi Chi LaRue, adult film stars Ricky Sinz and Steven Richards, and his ex-wife.


  • Anonymous, 2013-08-30 05:39:31

    Does anyone know how to contact this other Michael Brandon, I been trying to set things straight and straighten things out, I was born and worked in S,F. As a male stripper in the 80’s and 90’s I was approached to make Adult Gay Male Videos, Films, My stage name while stripping at the Campus Theatre in S.F. Was Michael Brandon, during this same period I was also in the magazines, Honcho, Mandate, etc, anyway when ever someone or myself trys to locate one of my movies, You see me not this guy but if you click on my name it either takes you to a link of his and or shows a photo of him, What gives and why is it so difficult to deal with .

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