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Polish Fireman Returns Huge Diamond Ring to Paris Hilton

Sep 3
The 34-year-old socialite lost an enormous diamond-studded ring on an airport shuttle bus in the Polish city of Lodz last week. But she won't be parted from the jewel for long: an honest fireman who found it is returning it to her.

Kim Davis to Appear in Court Thursday and May Face Fines,Jail Time

Sep 3
Rowan County clerk Kim Davis has been summoned to the hearing at 11 a.m. Thursday before U.S. District Judge David Bunning. Bunning could hold Davis in contempt, which can carry hefty fines or jail time.

Tenn. Judge Uses SCOTUS Marriage Decision to Deny Straight Couple's Divorce

Sep 3
A Tennessee judge has told a straight couple they can't divorce because the United States Supreme Court says that gay couples can marry. Huh?

Extended Power Outages Hit Home for Phoenix Residences

Sep 3
A savage storm with wind, rain and lightning that damaged buildings, knocked down trees, utility poles and power lines added up to sweaty predicaments for many Phoenix residents.

Hilarious Mock Twitter Feed Created for Woman Who Sits Next to Kim Davis

Sep 3
One Twitter user has set up a mock account @NextToKimDavis that shares the thoughts of the bespectacled woman who silently sits at the counter while Davis claims she's representing "God's Authority."

Judge OKs Gender Surgery Opposed by 48-Year-Old's Parents

By Michael D. Sisak | Sep 3
A judge on Wednesday cleared the way for a 48-year-old transgender woman to undergo gender-reassignment surgery, rejecting her parents' effort to block the operation because they say she's mentally incompetent.

Court: No Visitation Rights for Woman After Same-Sex Divorce

Sep 3
A Maryland appeals court has ruled that a lesbian woman has no right to visitation or custody of a child who the woman's former partner gave birth to before the couple married.

Judge, Clerk in Kentucky Marriage Case Dealt with Nepotism Charges

By Adam Beam | Sep 3
Davis' mother, Jean Bailey, was clerk for 36 years before retiring last year. Davis worked for her mother for 27 years before getting elected to replace her. Once elected, Davis hired her son to work for her.

Iran Deal Will Survive In Congress Despite GOP Opposition

By Erica Werner | Sep 3
The Iran nuclear deal strongly backed by President Barack Obama and just as ardently opposed by the GOP is now on track to get through Congress.

Lesbian Couple Stands Up to Kim Davis

Sep 3
The day before, Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis refused her a license to marry Karen Roberts, her partner for more than a decade. Rather than comply with the legalization of gay marriage nationwide, the Apostolic Christian has invoked "God's Authority"

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