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Is Caitlyn Jenner Lukewarm on Same Sex Marriage?

By EDGE | Sep 4
Caitlyn Jenner opened up about same sex marriage to Ellen DeGeneres in a taping of the first show of her 13th season and, in an excerpt released by TMZ, showed her more conservative roots. When she was Bruce, she confessed to being a Republican.

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Cinema Review :: Blind

By Roger Walker-Dack | Sep 4
A blind woman whiles away her time writing a story that mixes fact and fiction. Saying it gets complicated is a gross understatement.

Cinema Review :: The Transporter Refueled

By Jake Mulligan | Sep 4
Refueled? Maybe. But it's the same sub-standard grade we got before.

Cinema Review :: Steve Jobs: The Man In The Machine

By Louise Adams | Sep 4
Alex Gibney's documentary shows its cards with the subtitle: "Bold. Brilliant. Brutal."

Cinema Review :: Bloodsucking Bastards

By Kevin Taft | Sep 4
Nothing that'll stake you in the heart, this vampire-laden "Office Space" told Edgar Wright-style is mildly amusing, but pales in comparison to the British master of comedic horror.

Cinema Review :: A Sinner in Mecca

By Roger Walker-Dack | Sep 4
Out gay Muslim filmmaker Parvez Sharma has followed his award -winning documentary "A Jihad For Love" with an even more daring look at what it takes to renew his faith when he goes to Mecca for his sacred pilgrimage.

Sony, Back In The Crosshairs, Defends 'Concussion'

By Jake Coyle and Lindsey Bahr | Sep 3
Nearly a year after the devastating hacking attack that leaked thousands of emails, Sony Pictures Entertainment again finds itself trying to justify its own inner dealings, this time over the upcoming Will Smith film "Concussion."

Blu-ray/DVD Review :: Elena

By Ed Tapper | Sep 3
"Elena," a 2011 film by Russian director Andrey Zvyagintsev, makes an impressive debut on Blu-ray.

Fall Movie Preview: Spielberg Plunges Into The Cold War

By Jake Coyle | Sep 2
The nearly three year wait since Steven Spielberg's last movie (2012's "Lincoln") comes to an end this October with the spy thriller "Bridge of Spies."

Peak Cinema: 'Everest' Kicks Off Venice Film Festival

By Jill Lawless | Sep 2
Jake Gyllenhaal and Jason Clarke lead the cast but the mountain is the star of "Everest," a high-altitude thriller that opened the Venice Film Festival on Wednesday.

'The Danish Girl' Trailer Released'

By EDGE | Sep 2
In a fall movie season crowded with LGBT titles ("Carol," "Freeheld," "Stonewall") comes what looks to be the most anticipated of them all: "The Danish Girl."

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