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Ruth Ellis Center Protects Gay Youth with End the Chill Project

By Winnie McCroy | Saturday Sep 8, 2012
Midwest winters are harsh and with fall already here, Detroit’s Ruth Ellis Center has launched a new End the Chill Project, to provide shelter resources for homeless LGBT youth.

Advocates Attend White House Conference on Homeless LGBT Youth

By Winnie McCroy | Monday Mar 12, 2012
Representatives from the Ruth Ellis Center, the Ali Forney Center and Green Chimneys in New York City were among those who attended a White House-sponsored conference on homelessness among LGBT youth in Detroit on March 9.

Homeless Youth: The Next Battle for LGBT Equality

By Verena Dobnik | Thursday Mar 8, 2012
Members of the Obama Administration will host a national conference on housing and homelessness in America’s LGBT communities on Friday in Detroit.
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