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Ruth Ellis Center Holds "Voices" to Benefit LGBT Youth

By Winnie McCroy | Friday Sep 5, 2014
On Sept. 12, Detroit's Ruth Ellis Center will raise funds to keep LGBT kids safe at their annual fundraising event "Voices."

Ruth Ellis Center Protects Gay Youth with End the Chill Project

By Winnie McCroy | Saturday Sep 8, 2012
Midwest winters are harsh and with fall already here, Detroit’s Ruth Ellis Center has launched a new End the Chill Project, to provide shelter resources for homeless LGBT youth.

Advocates Attend White House Conference on Homeless LGBT Youth

By Winnie McCroy | Monday Mar 12, 2012
Representatives from the Ruth Ellis Center, the Ali Forney Center and Green Chimneys in New York City were among those who attended a White House-sponsored conference on homelessness among LGBT youth in Detroit on March 9.

Homeless Youth: The Next Battle for LGBT Equality

By Verena Dobnik | Thursday Mar 8, 2012
Members of the Obama Administration will host a national conference on housing and homelessness in America’s LGBT communities on Friday in Detroit.
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