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Why Gay Tourism Matters

Saturday Oct 27, 2012
A report shows that gay Europeans spend up to $65 billion (€50 billion or £41 billion) each year on tourism, roughly the same as the USA although Europe’s population is nearly three times as large.

Pride Pants Highlight Diversity - and Pride

Friday Jul 27, 2012
Matt Limpede, 28, the creator of Pride Pants created Pride Pants because "I had more Pride than I knew what to do with. So I thought, why not make my jeans the flag instead of carrying a flag?"

Online Voting Opens for Mr. Gay Europe 2012

Thursday Jul 26, 2012
Online voting has opened for the delegates of Mr. Gay Europe 2012 that takes place in Gay Village, Rome, 7th - 12th August 2012. For the seventh time, this annual competition aspires to find a role model for Europe’s young gays.

Pride Toronto in London Presents Deborah Cox and Corey Hart

Thursday Jul 5, 2012
Grammy nominated and award winning Billboard chart toppers Corey Hart and Deborah Cox will perform this Saturday in London’s Trafalgar Square as part of Pride Toronto’s presence at London’s WorldPride festival.

Hamburg’s New HafenCity Forecasts the Urban Future

Saturday Jun 9, 2012
An exemplary showcase for urban planning, livability, and architecture, Hamburg’s new HafenCity (Harbor City) district continues to expand in size and significance.

Ireland Calls to LGBT American Singers

Friday Jun 1, 2012
Various Voices, the choral event featuring talent from around the world, has selected Dublin as the host city for 2014’s festival and, as ever, is reaching out to LGBT choirs from around the world.

Mythical, Magical Voyage to Antiquities

By Matthew Wexler | Wednesday Jan 25, 2012
History, geography, and current events have never been my strong suits. But even I, who would rather be immersed in a plate of loukamoades (Greek doughnuts) than stumbling among the rubble of an archeological ruin, found myself inspired.

Twelve Greek Gods in 2012

Monday Oct 24, 2011
"12 Greek Gods in 2012" is a contest to determine the beauty, knowledge, and talent that will highlight the most proud gay man in Greece, the man who deserves to represent the country in European and world gay contests.

That Collegetown Vibe in...Krakow, Poland

By CARYN ROUSSEAU | Monday Sep 19, 2011
With crowds of tourists and a college-town atmosphere, Krakow - once the capital of Poland - has become a European hot spot.

Sitges and Sex: A Practical Guide

By Tony Phillips | Tuesday Sep 6, 2011
Sitges, that little sin city by-the-sea, is one of the few places left on the Iberian Peninsula for sex in the great outdoors. If one had a mind to, every single waking moment here could be spent having some sort of public sex.