A Gay Takeover at Mount Snow

by Dan Meyer
Friday Feb 1, 2013

Skiing and partying go hand in hand, but Mount Snow knows how to do it right.

While the southern Vermont resort is known more for attracting terrain park lovers and college co-eds, it was the LGBT members of The Welcoming Committee who took over the mountain this past weekend.

The Welcoming Committee (TWC) has traditionally been focused on Boston, taking over bars that cater to a straight crowd the first Friday of every month, a night they call Guerilla Queer Bar. In the past year, GQB rebranded itself as The Welcoming Committee and expanded to include sports, pub crawls, speed dating and weekend getaways.

"TWC Destination Takeovers are a natural extension of what we already do in Boston," said Daniel Heller, the founder of TWC. "We take iconic destinations and experiences that feel a bit homophobic and make them outrageously comfortable for one night or weekend. We’ve hit Foxwoods and, now, Mt. Snow, but we’re just getting started."

The $250 fee included transportation, two nights at the Snow Lake Lodge, breakfast at the hotel, nightclub cover charge and a survival kit made up of snacks, beer and itinerary. Lift tickets could be bought at a discounted price.

Hopping on the Party Bus

The revelry began Friday evening with two buses full of Bostonians. The buses, named Beyoncé and Sasha Fierce, were metaphorical bars on wheels from start to finish. TWC revelers started early by passing around beers and flasks, setting the tone for the whole weekend. We were there to party... and possibly ski or snowboard.

Before the buses had even pulled into the Snow Lake Lodge’s parking lot, men and women were getting down and dirty. Thanks to GroupMe, an app that allows groups like TWC to share messages and pictures in one thread instead of forcing members to text individually, an explicit crotch shot from the Sasha Fierce bus spread like wildfire. I’m glad I was riding on Beyoncé.

Not that it was tame. A dance party erupted on Beyoncé and lasted a few songs before the bus driver was forced to ask us to sit back down.

Welcome to Mount Snow

Upon arrival, Mount Snow welcomed us with open arms. The staff everywhere was kind and curious to learn more about The Welcoming Committee. Additionally, the nightclub events on both forthcoming evenings shed a lot of light for the patrons vacationing alongside us.

"Perhaps my favorite moment of the weekend was when I walked into the Snow Barn, Mt. Snow’s on-premises nightclub, and overheard one of our members explaining ’takeovers’ to a straight patron," said Daniel Heller, founder of The Welcoming Committee. "It warmed my heart that people on our trip were so mission focused and to see that the locals at the club were as interested in the mission as we are."

Both nightclub takeovers took place at the Snow Barn, conveniently located within a drunken stumble from our lodge.

Food at the Barn was cheap and inventive. I shared a honey mustard chicken pizza, a curious combination of sweet and salty, with at least three people. None of us went hungry thanks to the massive 22" pie. Drinks were appropriately priced for a ski resort, cheaper than the city but more expensive than a pub five miles down the street.

On Saturday night the live band Love in Stockholm played original music and covers. As the booze was free-flowing, I doubt that a single patron could remember the playlist, though several members of TWC were fawning over the lead singer, who blended in nicely with the attractive crowd.

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